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Spotlight on Game Sound Con

Game Sound Con 2015 Keynote Speech with Chance Thomas

Chance Thomas is an American composer, educator and entrepreneur. His music has underscored both commercial success and critical acclaim, including an Oscar™, an Emmy™ and billions of dollars in sales worldwide. Chance presented a fantastic keynote speech at Game Sound Con 2015.

Have you ever felt like you didn't deserve to succeed? You're not alone, Impostor Syndrome has become an increasingly acknowledged issue in the industry. Stephan speaks on the phenomenon of Impostor Syndrome at Game Sound Con 2015.


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Pay Gap Compensation for Women

Sound Librarian offers a discount to any woman interested in taking our courses. 

Women on average get paid less than men all around the world. The exact amount varies from territory to territory, but the average amount for many western countries is about 20%. 

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101 Video Games you Must Listen to Before you Die

Jetpack Joyride is an excellent example of just what is capable sonically on mobile devices. 

In this video we explore how even a simple 2D game can contain well crafted and implemented audio.

The 1999 release of Homeworld redefined the RTS genre with outstanding graphics and outstanding sound. In this analysis we take a close listen to what was done right in Homeworld.

Homeworld has since been remastered and re-released, and we will take a look at the new content sometime soon.

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